Musa 'Ice Cream,' or Blue Java as some call it, is a very beautiful, cold tolerant banana plant that's hardy to zone 8. It fruit is said to have both the texture and flavor similar to vanilla ice cream. This banana tree has beautiful large leaves and produces medium bunches of silvery blue bananas that are very delicious fresh or cooked.

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Blue Java Banana Bunch Ripening

Blue Java Banana Bunch Ripening

This rather tall banana grows well in a variety of climates and does well in containers. It also fruits rather easily. Likes evenly moist, well-draining, soil with fairly high levels of organics mixed in. Tolerates full sun at lower altitudes but at higher elevations needs a fair amount of sun protection. Has shown good resistance to winds in excess of 50 mph. In arid climates has shown some susceptibility to high ph 7.0. Will turn yellow with too much potassium and is not a fast grower in low humidity. Folds leaves at high temps but recovers at night.

Blue Java Ripening in Backyard

Blue Java Ripening in Backyard

Additional Classification Data

Family: Musaceae
Genus: Musa
Species: Acuminata
Cultivar: Ice Cream

Hardiness Zones

USDA Zone 8a: to 10 °F

USDA Zone 8b: to 15 °F

USDA Zone 9a: to 20 °F

USDA Zone 9b: to 25 °F

Plant Height

Height 8-10 ft.

Height 12-15 ft.

Height 10-12 ft.

Light Exposure

Light - Full Sun

Light - 10% to 40% Shade

Growth Rate

Rate - Moderate

Rate - Fast

Published/Updated on: 01-20-2021